Positive Care Services Limited is your Home Care Provider. The organisation works with vulnerable adult Service Users in the following areas:

  • Southend Borough Council
  • Essex County Council
  • Thurrock Council

  • Positive Care Services Limited ensures that all Service Users are provided high standards and excellent care, that Service Users integrity and dignity are maintained at all times and that our Service Users as individuals have a say about the care that they receive from the organisation.

    To ensure that all our Service User's holistic assessed needs are met in their individual best interests. Our staff are trained, committed and have the experience to provide your care needs in a respectful manner in your home. Positive Care Services Limited works in partnership with:

  • Service Users
  • Family Members
  • Advocates
  • Multi-Agencies
  • Significant Others

    Positive Care Services is an organisation aims to ensure that Service Users are provided with safe, effective, compassionate and high quality personal care in the comfort of their own homes.

    We support and enable people to maximise their potential for independence and to achieve fulfilling lifestyles and meaningful activities.

    Our team works in partnership with the people we support - as well as families and the multi-agency team to ensure that individual Service User needs are met in their best interests.


    Positive Care Services is an equal opportunities employer and embraces diversity. The organisation employs staff who speak various languages which allows for effective communication with our clients.

    The team is compassionate and caring, it is a team that prioritises the needs and safety of Service User. The team has Zero tolerance to bullying and harassment and individual members of the team support and rely on each other.

    Our team has diverse knowledge, skills, is open to new learning and is engaged in continuous development for self empowerment and to ensure the best outcomes for our Service Users

    Our team respect each other, the people we work with and believe in working in partnership. To those who want to join us, we are a welcoming team, you will enjoy working with us.


    Learning Disabilities/Difficulties Care

    At Positive Care Services, we support and empower individuals with a wide range of learning disabilities. We recognise that people may also have other complex needs which may mean that they require adapted environments or specialist ways of working to provide and support people to have a good and meaningful life. We tailor unique support packages built on individual choice. We support people with learning disabilities to develop independent living aiming for them as individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

    Supported Living

    All of our services are focused on supporting people to be as independent as possible within their own homes and in their local community. It is our aim to support individuals to achieve their goals. We believe that every person can accomplish extraordinary achievements with effective Care Planning and the right support.

    Older People with Dementia Care

    We are determined to work in partnership with people living with dementia. We are aware that there are more than 100 types of dementia, with this we continue to train our Carers with regards to working with Service User's with various types of dementia.


    Getting up and / or going to bed

    Bathing or showering





    Cooking and Baking

    Cleaning and light household duties



    Find out how we can help you live life your way, in your own home, by calling your local branch through our Contact us page.


    For Health and Social Care Student placements please get in touch via Contact us page.

    "Positive Care Services respects and adds value to staff and regards them as stakeholders. The enthusiasm and loyalty of our staff speaks for itself. Our staff is experienced, trained, caring, compassionate and they are confident when delivering care to our Service Users."